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About Francisca: I'm a 24 year old t-girl from San Diego, California. I love to date crossdressers, men and women who aren't hung up about their sexuality.My Bio

Name: Francisca
Age: 24 y/o
Sign: Scorpio
Location: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Technical Writer
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 145
Likes: Riding on the back of a Harley, feeling the wind in my hair
Dislikes: Mean, rude or crude people
Self-Description: I’m a t-girl who likes to date nice people of all sexes

Hi everybody. I’m Francisca a t-girl who cross dresses as often as I possibly can. I have been dressing up as long as I can remember. When I was younger my favorite aunt often told me how cute I was and what a beautiful little girl I would make. I rather liked that idea and I began dressing whenever I could¬†borrow some of my bigger sister’s clothes. I did that all through my childhood and I still enjoy cross dressing today. It’s part of who I am and I’m proud of my feminine self. I’m pre-op everything and have no desire to change my body.

I’m very comfortable being a male who cross dresses. I try to look my best when I’m dressed and I often get attention from male admirers, and even an occasional female admirer.¬† I’ve dated men, women and other t-girls. I enjoy helping others find their romantic partners too. Nobody should have to be alone. Life is fun when you enjoy it with other people. I hope you find something on my site that will help you meet fun people for mutually rewarding relationships.

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